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Volumes of research have been conducted on the state of deeply-entrenched racism and classism in America, affecting the justice system, the financial system, the education system, and more. What brought the founding team of Tell Brand together is the realization that, together, we can be a force for change.
We thought about the problems affecting minority communities. We decided to use our strengths and industry knowledge to make sensible, straightforward platforms to help reduce income inequality and inequality in the justice system first. From there, the scope of our work grew.
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The Tell-Cam app started it all

Apps that make an impact.

Tell-Cam was our first project, and focused on helping people combat a justice system which often falls unfairly heavy on minority communities. When the project was designed, we outlined our objectives:
  • Allowing people to store smartphone recordings off their phones
  • Allowing people to get in touch quickly with legal counsel
  • Letting people to go more safely about everyday activities
  • And doing all of this at as low a cost as possible

Some of the Tell Brand Projects.

Tell-Shop: The Minority-Owned Business Map

This app was designed to make it easier for the average consumer to find minority owned business to support. With a low fee of only $2 a month for business listings, we intend for it to be the cheapest bit of advertising any business will engage in: a slam dunk for business owners.

Tell-Cam: The Police Accountability App

Police violence against Americans has reached epidemic levels, with most uniformed perpetrators receiving little or no punishment for miscarriage of justice. With Tell-Cam, you can record police interactions and save them off your phone, so that you can access files even if your phone is seized.

Tell-Health: A Modern Healthcare App

Minority groups have worse health status and more chronic conditions than white Americans. Provider biases statistically worsen outcomes for minority patients. With Tell-Health, minority patients can search minority physicians, and physicians can use a one-stop app to manage their practice.

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