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We Focus On Improving Aspects of Life.

  • Law & Justice
  • Wealth & Business
  • Life & Education

While not everyone interacts with the justice or legal system in their lifetime, flaws in the justice system stand to absolutely ruin, and even end, a person's life. According to NYT tracking and data analyst Statista, in 2020, there were over 1,000 wrongful police shootings in the USA. Despite the fact that only 13% of the American population is black, and a smaller portion is Hispanic, these minorities are overrepresented in these homicides... and also in incarcerations and arrests. We first aimed at creating technologies that would help civilians of all kinds hold officers of the law accountable.

Because even if an officer of the law is found to have wrongfully injured or killed a U.S. citizen, often they receive no more punishment than short unpaid leave.

  • We want to design systems to help citizens peacefully record police activity.
  • We want to design systems to help citizens understand their rights as Americans.
  • We want to design systems to help publicize data on police wrongdoing
  • We want to design strategies to help enable reduced sentencing for nonviolent crimes.

At Tell-Brand, we believe that leveraging technology to improve the outcomes of minority businesses is a win for everyone: minority members of any community and the American economy at large.

We are devoted to creating apps that make finding, promoting, running, and even starting businesses easier.

  • There are millions of minority-owned businesses in America.
  • However, they are likelier to fail in their first 18 months than other businesses.
  • And are more likely to be denied services such as loans and other support.
  • Tell-Brand intends to create a comprehensive suite of platforms to help reduce these pain points.

With over six decades since Brown v. Board of Education, schools, particularly public schools, are in many places even more segregated than they were in the 1980s. According to multiple published studies, black and other minority race students are often at a significant disadvantage compared to white peers.

At Tell-Brand, we believe we can use technology to improve outcomes for minority students across the country. Moreover, we stand to help make education easier to attain, even for adult students seeking new career opportunities.

  • Self-contained, state-of-the-art time clock
  • Scalability of up to 500 employees per time clock
  • The ability to connect up to 32-time clocks
  • Employee self-enrollment

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Visit some of our projects.